The Lion King Film Review



The Lion King. Where do I even start? It is very appropriate that this is my first review on this film blog. This is one of the first movies I watched as a kid and I’ve attached a sentimental value to it ever since. I’ve watched it countless times and it’s entertainment and cinematic qualities are eternal in my eyes. It’s the film that made me fall in love with movies and sparked my passion for film.

The movie is an animation and Disney classic. I think it has a great marriage between humor and valuable life lessons, which most Disney films aim for. The musical numbers are fun, catchy, and relate well to the characters and plot. One of the qualities that I appreciate about film is the cinematography. The animation of this film is extremely pleasing, with its bright, exaggerated colors and sweeping landscape shots. The protagonist, Simba is a character that is easy to root for and perhaps a manifestation of the viewer’s insecurities and anxieties about one’s responsibilities.

And I just need to mention the opening scene, The Circle of Life. I get chills every time I watch it. From the moment the sun starts rising and that epic music starts, to the flash of the title on the screen, I catch myself gawking at its beauty.

Grade: A


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