Pitch Perfect Film Review



I have a roommate borderline obsessed with this movie. He went to the advanced screening (something I wanted to partake in for the experience, but was unable to due to being in class), saw it again with me, bought it on DVD and as of yesterday, has fully watched it 6 times within close proximity of each viewing.

I’ll be honest. I was not impressed with this film the first time I saw it in theaters. I thought it had its stand out funny moments, and Rebel Wilson’s character, Fat Amy, is undeniably the best part of the film, but I was frustrated with the main character and uninterested in the film’s romantic b-plot. The rising actions, falls, and climax of the film were easy to predict  ( I feel it has a lot of parallels to Bring It On). I thought it was an entertaining film, but I did not understand the hype and praise that it received.

However, upon a second viewing, my enjoyment of the film increased. I’m sure my anticipation of the best moments were an ingredient of this, but still, the film is overall well-made, though it has its faults. And these faults are probably the reason for my shaded appreciation of the film. The character development of the film’s protagonist, Beca, is poor and this is the most frustrating element of the movie for me. She is presented as “alternative” and “edgy”, with visible tattoos, dark messy-perfect hair, excessive earrings, and a “I don’t give a shit, I’m a bad-ass attitude”. Sure, this is fine. I can look past that. But there is no reason for her to be presented as this. I think her character would have worked if she was the “nerdy girl” or the “pretty girl.” There is not enough back story, besides the brief interactions with her father, to make me root for the character. This is also the catalyst for my low interest in the love story of the film. I find Becca’s and Jesse’s relationship cute and I think the actors have good chemistry, but whenever the film turned from humorous to more serious, due to the love story, I found myself rolling my eyes. I think Beca’s character development could have been improved and the film would have benefited from it.

Because of its genre, a musical comedy, it is presented as silly and ridiculous from the get-go. And this film is just that. I appreciate the gross-out humor in this female-driven film (much like I do with Bridesmaids. I strongly think there should be, no needs to be, more female-driven comedy films). Its genre is something that definitely helps it and is what I think makes it so enjoyable. Fat Amy is the scene-stealer of the film and the best dialogue, as well as the most memorable moments, are in thanks to her character. The music is catchy and itunes-download worthy, the jokes hit well, and the plot is easy to follow and enjoyable, but its faults are ever-present in the my mind as I watch it. Can I watch it 6 times practically in a row and not be bored? No. But I can add it to my list of worth-while comedies.

Grade: B


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